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A new guide, Addressing Gender Issues and Actions in Biodiversity Objectives, provides biodiversity professionals with concrete ideas and actions for progress in their work towards achieving gender and biodiversity objectives, goals and targets.

By applying a “gender lens” – or addressing gender-based differences and inequalities, and empowering women, in particular, to overcome gender gaps and fulfill their potential through measures to achieve biodiversity objectives and implement national biodiversity strategies and action plans – we can accelerate progress for biodiversity as well as for gender equality.

Drawing on the themes addressed in the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the guide presents a range of biodiversity objectives, identifies key gender issues that influence the achievement of the objective, and describes actions that can be taken to realize more sustainable and gender-responsive biodiversity outcomes. Examples are provided to illustrate the types of challenges faced and opportunities for positive results.

The guide is available at:


More information:

Gender and Biodiversity


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