• Personalized homepages like and also allow you to subscribe and read any RSS feed. The ability to subscribe to RSS feeds is also built into browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox and software like Microsoft Outlook 2007, Google Desktop gadgets and Microsoft Gadgets.

    How do I subscribe to SCBD feeds?
    If you're using a feed reader, you can click on the links marked with the RSS feed symbol at the top of any page. Newer browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox make subscribing much easier by showing the RSS feed symbol either on a toolbar (IE7) or in the address bar (Firefox) indicating an available feed. Clicking on that symbol will subscribe you to the feed using your favorite reader. If you're using other software that can read RSS feeds, you can click on the links to the feeds above, copy the address and paste it into the software's request for the feed's address.

    For more help in using the CBD RSS service, please contact the Secretariat.

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